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SDM Quick Profile Screen intermittent issues

Question asked by tzadell on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by tzadell

Hi everyone,


I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever seen this.  (We are running SDM version 14.1, with cum2)

Someone reported to me that sometimes after looking up a customer using the 'go resources' (example: customer by last name), and if there's more than one they select the appropriate contact from the list, the contact record displayed on the right pane of the Quick Profile screen is the one they selected, but the name on the left pane is someone else.  And when they click 'new' to create a ticket, it pulls in the contact record for the name shown on the left instead  (see screen print).


I've not been able to reproduce it, and neither can the person who reported this.  She said it happens randomly.