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Required topline command to replace the job

Question asked by Sarva007 on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by henbe02

Hi All,


I am planing to restart a job from the particular step through ARF. However, we do not have CA-11 installed in our mainframe system. To get it enabled is the lengthy process and am not sure will they install or not.


Here I have alternate plan to achieve it. But again I have restrictions in CA7 topline commands


Through BTI JOB,

1) I wanted to FETCH the abneded job (not fetch and edit) through CA7 topline command [example : FETCH,JOBNAME,JCLID=**]

2) Then I wanted to Replace the abended job (in QJCL) with another new CA7 job through CA7 topline command [example :  QJCL,REPL=JOBNAME but the command is not exist]


Could someone please advice on this?