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Quick Profile - Not equal to in HTMPL panels

Question asked by jwood1 on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by jwood1

Hi good CA community people.


In ServiceDesk while viewing quick profile, I want to be able to see tickets that are not resolved.


The form I modified is profile_menu.htmpl


I have changed the line from

pb_link("Incident_History", "profile_histcnt_in", "in", "QBE.EQ.customer=$" );


pb_link("Incident_History", "profile_histcnt_in", "in", "QBE.EQ.customer=$" );


This successfully shows me tickets that are active and resolved.


However, I need to see tickets that are active and NOT resolved.

I am struggling to figure out how to get the "not equal to" character?


I'd also like to know the syntax for OR


IE: how to get tickets that are active AND ticket is ( not equal to Resolved OR not equal to *** OR not equal to yyy OR not equal to zzz,  etc)



Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.