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UIM 8.4 - Trellis 2.00 behaviour

Question asked by AbhijitD on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by AbhijitD

Hi All


We have recently upgraded to UIM 8.4 from Nimsoft 7.6. Post upgrade we have few observations on trellis probe version 2.00 (UIM 8.4 compatible):

1. Intermittently my USM view goes ALL GREEN showing no updated alarms/alarm view. I need to deactivate/activate trellis or redeploy it altogether again to fix it.

2. Dynamic groups defined on USM sometimes didn't get refreshed or expanded and again trellis seems to be the culprit as restarting trellis fixes the issue. This issue comes very frequently.


Have you seen above issues on your UIM 8.4 environment? Any idea how to fix them permanently or any workaround possible? We tried increasing startup memory for trellis but no change on behaviour.


Any ideas from support/product management folks will be highly appreciated to fix this.