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Runtime Licenses Vs Performance VSE licenses

Question asked by sdabbiru on May 11, 2016
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Hi Listeners,


I have this question where I would like to understand what takes precedence over the other when it comes to  Runtime user Licenses and performance VSE license.

What I understand is Runtime User license is the one which dictates the concurrent capacity of the VSE and Performance VSE licenses has to do the the concurrent capacity of the virtual service.


Let me put a scenario where I have 20 Runtime users and 1 Performance VSE license. I have deployed one virtual service and imposed a throughput of 1000 tps on that service, how would the VSE and the virtual service will work. Does the VSE will take 20 requests at one time as we have got only 20 runtime users and the virtual service responds to the 20 parallel requests and the next 20 will come in play once the responses for the earlier 20 are served? or since we have performance VSE, all the 1000 tps will be served in a single go as we have the performance license.


How does this really work, what takes precedence?


Secondly when I say I have a performance VSE, what is the maximum load that a virtual service can scale upto ? is there a limit ?