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Timesheet data missing in Prj_blb_slice and NBI tables

Question asked by shalinee on May 11, 2016
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Hello ,


Need Help.


3 Weeks ago we were having an issue in our production system where "Post Timesheet" job started and it was posting fine and later after 132 timesheet posted,job kind of stuck and nothing was happening in next 30 min. We have all incompatible jobs setup in place so we know during that time none of the other incompatible jobs were processing.

Later we cancel and delete that post timesheet job instance and started the new, which allowed to post 6 more timesheets and stuck again and we again cancel, delete the post timesheet job instance and started again however this time nothing happened.


Later, we had a call with CA with couple of hours live session and nothing showed up in logs etc. Finally setup a call with DBA and he told there are couple of locks in "PRASSIGNMENT" Table.We asked DBA to release the lock created early in morning but he released all the locks that includes the ongoing live instance of "Post Timesheet" job. Later all timesheet processed successfully and all data posted in WIP Table .


Next Monday Financial team explained us that there are few resources who has hours doubled in SAP however in clarity it is different and during our analysis, we found 11 timesheets have posted in WIP with duplicate (doubled) hours. In order to correct the issue, we worked with SAP AP team to create credit invoice and all and corrected the data in clarity using "Create WIP Adjustment" and later ran "Import Financial Actuals" job.


All the timeslice, datamart and other jobs ran successfully after all the above steps completed on Monday.


Now, we found there is no data for all those 11 resources in "Timeslice" tables and "data mart" tables however the WIP table has data.


We are unable to figure out the reason of missing records in slice and NBI tables.


Any suggestion is much appreciated