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Regenerate Magic Strings

Question asked by ldauvilaire on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by Melanie_Giuliani

I have a request argument called "AvailRequestSegments_AvailRequestSegment_HotelSearchCriteria_Criterion_CodeRef@LocationCode" with value "MUC"

It is not considered as a Magic String by default.

When I select the "Magic String" checkbox into the workstation and I click on the button "Regenerate magic string", my response is not replaced.


In my response I have the following piece of XML :



                    <Position Latitude="4813905" Longitude="1156557"/>

                    <RefPoint CountryCode="DE" Code="645520" CodeContext="1A-POR" RefPointType="5" Name="MUNICH"></RefPoint>

                    <CodeRef LocationCode="MUC" CodeContext="IATA"></CodeRef>

                    <Radius Distance="10" UnitOfMeasureCode="2"/>




I would have expected to see something like

<CodeRef LocationCode="{{=request_AvailRequestSegments_AvailRequestSegment_HotelSearchCriteria_Criterion_CodeRef_LocationCode;/*MUC*/}}" CodeContext="IATA"></CodeRef>

instead of

<CodeRef LocationCode="MUC" CodeContext="IATA"></CodeRef>


Do someone has already encountered the same problem ?


Note : same result when the argument is called "AvailRequestSegments_AvailRequestSegment_HotelSearchCriteria_Criterion_CodeRef_LocationCode" or just "LocationCode"