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Message template notifications - CA ServiceDesk - Change order workflow tasks

Question asked by jwood1 on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by jwood1

Hi all,


When a certain workflow task in a change order is pending, we attach a macro called "Task Notification".

Linked to "Task Notification is a message template with object type "Change order workflows task".

I believe this html below is out of the box.


Requested by: @{chg.requestor.combo_name}
Affects: @{chg.affected_contact.combo_name}



Scheduled for: @{chg.sched_start_date}


Priority: @{chg.priority.sym}
Description: @{chg.description}



Is there a way to show the description for the workflow task rather than the change?

IE: display fields in wf table and not chg table



I tried to no avail.  Description: @{wf.description}


I would also like to display wf.sequence to get the sequence number

Any ideas?