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Services Object Problem

Question asked by Flor_Salgado on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by Flor_Salgado

Hi everyone!

We are having some issues with the Services Object.

This error is displayed when we complete any field from any subpage:

INV-0008: Cannot convert entered currency to base currency.


The workaround we found is to complete manually the "Currency" field on "Financial Summary" subpage. It appears empty by default, althought we set a default value.

We notice this attribute doesn't have any default value on Project Object, however it is automatically completed when a project is created. We checked there were non processes run in order to complete this.


We have these questions:

1. Why default value in "Currency" attribute doesn't work on Services Object?

2. How is "Currency" attribute automatically completed on Project Object?

3. How can we set "Currency" attribute (on Services Object) the same behavior as on Project Object?


Can anyone help us?