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Hierarchical portlet issue

Question asked by Sandeeppatil on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by suhail-sayed

Hi Team,


I have built a hierarchical portlet which contains 3 levels.

Default this portlet would be showing level-1 data.

I have added filters to filter the data directly from Level-2 and Level-3.


Assume the hierarchy as shown below.

Unit Name    Unit level

A                   1

  B                 2

    C               3


Suppose the data is filtered with Level-2 unit 'B'. In portlet the data gets filtered with Unit name 'B' and shows + symbol to see next level hierarchy. But there comes the issue.

After clicking on + symbol near B clarity shows the data as shown below. Clarity repeats the level2 unit along wtih + symbol on next row and then shows the Level3 unit.


Actual Result                                                  Expected Result

Unit name   Unit level                                   Unit name     Unit level

B                  2                                                B                    2

+B                  2                                                  C                  3

  C               3


Has anyone came across such issue while developing hierarchical portlet?

Please give your valuable advise to fix this issue.