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SDM -> Catalog integration - Ticket cancellation & usp_itsm_msg_queue

Question asked by AndriesJNel on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by AndriesJNel

Hi Everyone,


We have a business requirement that when a call that is integrated between Catalog and SDM is cancelled on SDM that the call also be cancelled in Catalog.


Out of the box the ITSM.SPL/MOD files only sync the Closed status from SDM to Catalog.

We have successfully customized this to also include Resolved tickets from SDM to then complete te corresponding Catalog Request. Below is an example of the spel code that saves an entry to the usp_itsm_msg_queue table to tell catalog to complete a particular Catalog Request:


SPEL: full_msg = (string)cat_req_id + "@@@@@" + (string)userid;

Example: 10235@@@@@ANDRIES


I had a look around but i can't seem to find anything that indicates what message i must save in the usp_itsm_msg_queue activeMQ table that will tell Catalog to Cancel a corresponding Catalog request from my custom ITSM Spel code.


Has anyone tried this before?




CASM suite 14.1.02