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How to add/use persistent_id to custom created table?

Question asked by cdtj Champion on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by Brett_Zipkin

Hello community,

as we know custom created table automatically generates defualt attributes like id, last_mod_dt, etc... also it generates persistent_id which exists as derived (virtual) attribute.

There is no problem to use it with OOTB factories, where I can build query like : "persistent_id = 'cr:12345'", but when I try to make same query for custom table it fails with error (via web or spel):

search_with_where: sync_fetch  failed: AHD03053: invalid constraint.  Could not recognize persistent_id. ((persistent_id = 'z_custom_table:400001'))

My current workaround is to publish custom attribute which will store persid and will be generated on object creation.

Any ideas?