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Mongo DB for Test Data Management

Question asked by Jason_J on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by CTLSVTOOL

Hi All,


We're using Excel data files to drive our Application Test scripts. Data changes are causing a lot of churn and file management overhead.


I'm investigating moving our data sheets to Mongo DB to centralize our test collateral. So far, I don't see any blockers, but wanted to check if someone has already done this. I've imported a sample data sheet into Mongo, and am looking for the best way to query the data and use in our existing scripts with minimal changes.


For context, our existing data sheet/script approach is  as follows:

     - data sheet rows get loaded by script and has columns for things like host, port, method type (REST calls) and logging path for HP ALM.

     - each of the cells becomes a variable the script uses to make the call and log the result.


I've looked at using Mongo db java classes, writing a custom extension, all of which seem pretty straightforward, but looking for the simplest and most efficient method possible. Looking for input from anyone with similar experience.