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DevTest create VS by Recording weirdness... ?

Question asked by Matt-ADP on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by Koustubh.Warty

Hi folks,


Just trying out the VS by Recording feature of the DevTest 9.1 portal.

I setup a recording of a REST/JSON web service.

It seems to be functioning in that it forwards requests/responses to the target service and back to the caller.

But I have two issues:

1) I can't find anywhere that I can see or access the request/response pairs that have been recorded

2) I do see the 'Txn' tab to the right of the recording screen, but it doesn't seem to be getting updated.  It is currently stuck at 25 transactions, and I KNOW more than 25 transactions have hit the recording endpoint.  In fact, I have issued a request against the recording, gotten a valid response back, but then when I go in to look the Txn counter has not increased.


See attached screenshot.

NOTE: I do not want to stop the recording unless I absolutely have to, so I was hoping to see the full req/resp content (including HTTP headers somewhere without stopping the recording.  Also the Txn tab issue.

Anyone have any solutions to these 2 problems?


Matt North

Principal Application Developer