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How can we monitor UIM health?

Question asked by Nelson-Filho on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by alexander.zaeh

Hi everyone!

I'm about to make the CA UIM the new monitoring system in the company where I'm working.

Of course, I have been monitoring CPU, Disk and memory from all UIM servers ( I have, primary servers, secondary servers, tunnel servers, ump, etc..).

What I mean and would like to know is, if you can send me tips about monitoring UIM health. I'm wodering:

1) Process status whose we have to monitor (process for each type of server);

2) How we can monitor sync between primary and sencondary hubs servers? I mean queue size?

3) How we can monitor sync between UMP and the others servers?

4) How we can monitor if tunnel servers are working fine? (I have remote monitoring)

5) How we can monitor HA to NMS servers?


Could you send your experience or any documentation about UIM health and good working?