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Deactivated project will not reactivate

Question asked by nraimondo on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by suhail-sayed

Hi.  I need to reactivate a two projects that were deactivated last month.  These projects were financially enabled, so when the project was over, I went to the Settings page (Projects>Properties>Settings) and changed the Financial Status to "closed" and cleared out the check box next to the Active field.  Now that I need to reactivate these projects, Clarity won't let me.  I've tried to change the Financial Status to "open" and save the changes.  However, "open" is now listed under "Not Available'"within the Financial Status drop-down, driving the inability to reactivate the project. 


Any suggestions?  I haven't run into this issue before - normally I can reactivate without issue, if needed. I appreciate any advice/assistance!  Thanks - NKR


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