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How to expose WSDL in LISA virtualization?

Question asked by anpanday on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by anpanday

Hi All,


There is a requirement at client side where there application can only connect to LISA virtual service only if WSDL is exposed in LISA.

What I mean by wsdl is exposed to the application is that application is checking for operations in the wsdl every-time, which application team is expecting should be present in LISA and then it will trigger an actual request with the correct operation if it finds the operation in the wsdl.


Though we have created a virtual service with the help of WSDL extracting all the operations but as such there is nothing exposed in LISA virtualization which should act as wsdl for the application apart from LISA endpoint.


Has anyone seen such kind of requirement where WSDL calling is mandatory and if application uses LISA URL/endpoint it gives error as it wants a wsdl URL with ?wsdl.


Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions to achieve the same.