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Advice about an specific Architecture Scenario

Question asked by nocmi02 Employee on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by jmayer

Good Morning Everyone.


One client asked for some advice in the following scenario. Could you please evaluate and tell me what can be answered right the way and what should be treated as a project? Thanks in advance.



1 CA Proxy Server

1 Reporting/Boxi Server

1 Application Server

2 Domain Controllers

2 SQL 2008 R2 SP1 Database Servers (Clustered)


This is the configuration in our Production Site. We now want to set up a HOT DR Site with the same architecture as the Production. This means, the configuration will be mirrored at the DR with regards to servers and roles.



  1. 1) What is the best approach to design our DR Site? Note that the DR Site is meant to be HOT and failover should be fully automated? Can this be achieved or would manual steps be required?
  2. 2) How would we replicate the database content from Production to DR?
    1. a. Can SQL Native Replication be suffice?
    2. b. Can you recommend a third party. For eg Double Take
    3. c. Should the version of SQL be equivalent to the Production to avoid replication/syncing issues
  3. 3) Are there any configurations on the front end that need to be replicated/synced/copied to DR
  4. 4) Can a fully automated failover be achieved?
  5. 5) Can we have a conversation on the Failover & Failback process.