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Count CHG.ref_num not counting properly

Question asked by ijreis on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by ijreis

Hello all !!!


i would like to apply to your experience, in order to progress with a Report development!


In this particular case, we need to count the total of CHG.ref_nums and ISS.ref_nums from some select statements.

In theory, just adding the Measure defined as =Count([Chg.Ref_num]) should return the proper counter , but instead, the resultes returned are completely far away from the reality.


I mean, for a particular time range, my Statement returns 10 different Chg.Ref_nums values/rows, but when i set a new column on my TOTAL COUNTERS report sheet, with the measure Total Chg Ref Num , the value is completely wrong, for example " 4200" ... or " 78" for the next row ...


I've also created a new variable, set as "=Count([chg.persid]), but the result is the same!


Any idea or hint?