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Cannot edit Long String fields when editing project properties in IE11

Question asked by juanv on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by juanv

Hi, we are having this unusual situation with users browse via Internet Explorer 11.

They can fill in almost all fields, but cannot edit the custom long string fields.


What they CAN do:

- Edit the "Project Name" field

- Edit string fields (ex: Status Comment)

- Edit numeric fields

- Edit date fields

- Partially edit Long String fields: They can delete characters.


We they CANNOT do:

- Fill in Long String fields. They cannot add characters or words.



This happens only with IE11.

With Chrome (and earler versions of IE) works fine.


The exact version is:


According to Clarity documentation, IE11 is certified (see image).




What could the users be missing? Have this happened to your users?