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Reverse Modify Sync on IDM 12.6sp5

Question asked by Kevin19 on May 17, 2016
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Hi Guys,


Need your help in this regards.


1. We have the following setup in our IDM environment.

--  Accounts gets created in IDM (CA directory) and then synced down to AD.

-- Service accounts gets created in AD and then brought into IDM on Explore/ Correlate.

-- Most of the modification on the accounts occur on AD and then during Explore/Correlate are updated in the IDM.


2. We need the following requirement to be met.

--  Service accounts will be created in AD and brought into IDM.  (these Service accounts will be present in a particular OU for which E/C definition is set as create to create the accounts in IDM )

--  During the explore/correlate process, we would like to bring in only 2 attributes from AD to IDM (AD distinguished name and mailbox). Other than these 2 attributes, no attributes should be brought into IDM even though there is a update made on the AD account.



I have followed the instructions provided in Policies for Reverse Synchronization - CA Identity Manager - 12.6.5 - CA Technologies Documentation  which speaks about how to reject the attributes on Explore/Correlate.


Even after configuring this policy, I still see the account gets updated in IDM. So basically 2 events are performed upon explore/correlate.


1.  ModifyProvisioningactivity event    (this rejects the attributes) --- Provisioning activity tasks

2.  Modify User Event   (This updates the IDM attributes)      ----- Provisioning Modify tasks.


Can anyone help me on how to stop the update on IDM during explore/correlate