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Confused about using hotdeploy with custom Java project

Question asked by jhamric on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by ShubhamArya

Hello everyone,


I am trying to expand the functionality of DevTest by importing a custom Java program and then using LISA to manipulate the output data. Just to give some background, this Java program currently compares two different text based files. The program then displays the differences between these two files. What I need is to import this project into LISA and somehow save the output response as a filter.


First though I'm only concerned with importing the project into DevTest and being able to interact with it. I am stuck here. I have read the documentation and done a search here but I can not find any information that explains in more detail how to actually call the project in a LISA step other than dropping the Jar in hot deploy (which I have done).


Can someone please explain how I actually link that Jar with my test case in LISA so I can begin interacting with the data? For example I'd like to first run the entire Jar from LISA. Then I want to be able to use some table data from the Jar project further in my LISA steps. To actually run the entire Jar from LISA do I just call the main class or main method? Not sure how that part works. Is there a LISA scripting code I need to use that tells the step to run the Jar?


I hope I explained what I'm trying to accomplish and someone can provide more detailed instructions on how to accomplish this.