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Project Hierarchy based reporting and Jaspersoft

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by Dale_Stockman

Are there any reports for Jaspersoft, out of the box or available elsewhere, that provide summarized or hierarchical data from an investment hierarchy?


On 14.2, on-prem.


See only reports which provide data from individual investments.  If I have subprojects under a parent project or program, I do not see any reports which allow me too filter/group on parents, returning data from parent and children.


If nothing is available, now, is anything coming and if so, when?  Looking to start our Crystal to Jaspersoft conversion.  If such reports existed in Jaspersoft, we might avoid converting some of our Crystal reports.  Also, is such existed, would have a model to work from when converting those Crystal reports which most be converted.