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Apache HTTPD Configuration · Portal 3.5 · Software

Question asked by chovine on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Mark_HE

Hi CA Community,


I am trying to install the CA API Developer Portal and I have an error during the installation.

When I am trying to reload the Apache HTTPD configuration - 3) Configure Apache httpd.conf   >   4) Reload Apache HTTPD Configuration

I have this message :

Error: Reloading httpd: not reloading due to configuration syntax error [FAILED]

I didn't find more information in the logs.


When I am trying to access to this address : http://<portal_hostname_or_IP>/admin

it doesn't work and in the file catalina.out, I found this line :

Caused by: Get Key failed: null


I don't know where the problem come from because I didn't have an error when adding all the certificates and keys.


Thank you for your help !