Getting started with Rest API

Discussion created by EG27 on May 19, 2016
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I did take a look at the CA PPM REST API and try to figure how it work using VBA in Excel. ( I am starting from very little knowledge in this area (REST API and VBA)).


In the attached 20 min video, you will see how from scratch you can use the CA PPM REST API to get data inside a spreadsheet... I did have a microphone issue recording the video... I used a free version of camtasia to assemble it with a new recorder audio.


I also include 2 files you can play with or modify (very basic).

In two workbooks you will see how you can:

     -Get a specific project data

     -Get a project list

     -Create a project


I really hope this can help some folks out there... I do not take any responsibility for the file... use it on dev or test environment.


If by any chance someone build something great from these two files... please shared them.