Webcast June 2nd: Cover Your Apps in Minutes with Synthetic Monitoring

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Complementary to CA APM, CA App Synthetic Monitor (ASM) can help you start monitoring apps in just a few minutes. It integrates with CA APM and can help ensure availability using synthetic transactions to check systems even when there is no real user traffic. It also can give you a geographical view of app performance to better understand differences across the globe.



In this webcast, you’ll see how you can start 24x7 monitoring of your web site or application in less than 3 minutes with this self-service SaaS solution. With almost 100 monitoring stations around the world, CA ASM never sleeps and is constantly monitoring the availability and performance of your application providing a real-time view of actual end-user experience.



For more information and to register, please use this link: Cover Your Apps in Minutes with Synthetic Monitoring



Want to try CA ASM? Here's a link to the free trial: CA ASM 30-day Free Trial