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message queues vs stability

Question asked by DevTestUser on May 21, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by Kevin.Bowman

Typically what is the response time  of  MQ virtual service ? yes, off course i have not set any think time here ..

currently we are hitting an issue during our performance testing of a soap service ..


our soap service calls MQ VS in lisa.. and timeout of soap service is 7 seconds .. if no response received with in 7 sec from mq then our soap service gets time out..

currently we have 5% calls failed during our 1 hour of load test and when we analyzed all calls faults at soap service says MQ 2033 error , which means timeout or no message available in  reply queues..

as per MQ server concern , our MQ server and queues are configured properly and it is able to handle any load and which is proven in production.. as per the soap service concern it is also proven in production, so I would like to know how can we ensure LISA MQ VSMs are quick and also calls handled properly i.e., when multiple vusers hits very quickly there shouldn't be issues at VSM in identifying the message for right soap call and respond..