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windows application monitoring

Question asked by Winkle_Khurana on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by Hallett_German

Hi All,


Apart from using perfmon metrics is there any other way out to monitor the windows application in CA APM 10.2.


I am currently using perfmon to monitor the window application, this window application is .NET based

Objects monitored with respect to the windows application from perfmon are as below:

  • .NET CLR Exception
  • .NET CLR Interop
  • .NET CLR Jit
  • .NET CLR Loading
  • .NET CLR Locks and Threads
  • .NET CLR Memory
  • .NET CLR Remoting
  • .NET CLR Security
  • Process
  • Thread



Winkle Khurana