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MSP2013 & 14.4 - issue with default allocation %

Question asked by thomasv on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by thomasv

With 14.4, MSP2013 SP1 and the new MSP-driver we are seeing below issue, basically that the planned allocation % seems to not be used, only the default allocation %. While waiting for feedback from CA support, has anyone experienced this earlier in some version and circumstances?


"We have now upgraded our TRAIN environment to 14.4 and testing the MSP interface. While testing we have found an issue for Default % allocation. If we set it to 0 and have planned allocation set with non zero and open the project to MSP, it changes tasks duration as the Units in MSP for this resource will be coming as 0.


Steps to recreate this scenario.


1) Create a new project with Track mode as PPM

2) Allocate 2 resources or Roles R1 and R2

3) Open R1's allocation properties and set Default % allocation to 0, set Planned allocation to 100% with given dates , Save and Return

4) Open R2's allocation properties and set Default % allocation to 100, which will set Planned allocation to 100% , Save and Return

5) Open this project in MSP.

6) Create two tasks T1 and T2 with duration of 10 days.

7) Assign R1 to T1 and R2 to T2. Save to Clarity. Close MSP.

8) Now open the same project from Clarity to MSP

9) T1 duration will change to 1 while T2 duration will remain same in MSP.

10) When you check the Units for R1 it will show 0 while the Units for R2 will be 100.


These both scenarios are working OK in Clarity 13.3."