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Question asked by Dave.Burrows1.1 on May 23, 2016
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We are just starting with Jaspsersoft on Clarity 14.3

We have users set up and some reports. We can access these fine from Clarity and have developed a couple of ad hoc queries, which work.

We then decided to look at the Mobile app.

I have set up a Server connection in the mobile app and that validates.

If I log in as SuperUser I can access the server and see the contents of the repository.

If I try and log in using my own Clarity ID I get “invalid Credentials Supplied”

I can access Advanced reporting via Clarity and run the reports, but cannot log in via the mobile app.

I have tried adding our Organization to the server profile but the only user I can get to log in via mobile is the super User.

Is there a setting that I have to apply somewhere to enable a user for mobile access?

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To add to this item I have now made some advances.

If I manually create a user in Jaspersoft, I can access the repository and see the reports and ad hoc queries.

It would appear that User accounts defined in Jaspersoft can use the mobile app however a CA PPM user cannot use their ID or credentials.

It looks like all mobile users need a separate account adding to the Jaspersoft server with a separate password.

As we have integrated CA PPM with Active directory the above is not a solution I want to roll out.


To refine my original question.

Is there any setting in Jaspersoft that I can make to enable a CA PPM user, to access the mobile app and retain their same CA PPM username and Password?


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