Hotfix alert: UIM 8.4 - LDAP/UIM Users may not be able to log in to Admin Console

Discussion created by JAllen11 Employee on May 24, 2016

Hello UIM Community,


In the past couple of days we've been informed of an issue where, in certain environments, LDAP or UIM (non-account-contact) users will not be able to log in to the Admin Console, instead receiving an error that "this user does not have the appropriate permissions to access this portlet" regardless of the ACL permissions granted to that user.


Several customers have reported this (and we thank them!) and the common thread seems to be that the primary hub is hosted on a Linux environment; Windows primary hubs don't seem to be affected.


We have published a KB Article which contains a resolution for this problem, which is to download certain Admin Console components to the previous (8.31) version.


LDAP Users and UIM users unable to log into Admin Console


No functionality will be lost - there have been no code changes between 8.31 and 8.4, this problem was caused by an SDK change, so the components will otherwise be identical and there should be no negative impact.