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Help :: CA DevTest Stateful Service Scenario

Question asked by AVSDevTest on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by Rick.Brown

Hi All,

I would like to clarify few things related to stateful service implementation in CA DevTest. I have one scenarios as below. Will it be possible to achieve it without any custom scripting. Most of the other tools like mockito or wiremock has capability to implement this scenario and get the output as expected as mentioned below consecutive calls.


Call 1 : GET /sqlrest/customers/               : Client will get a 1 customer record

Call 2 : POST /sqlrest/customers/add

Call 3 : GET /sqlrest/customers/               : Client will get a 2 customer records

Call 4 : POST /sqlrest/customers/add

Call 5 : GET /sqlrest/customers/               : Client will get a 3 customer records


Please suggest. Thanks.