Error when Masking/Subsetting In Flight:  "Unable to open log file" while running the export script

Discussion created by lucky8isonit on May 25, 2016


I wanted to contribute to this Communities site for others that may come across this problem.  Also - wanted to give thanks to Pareej Pradhan for helping us to solve this problem.  We are new to TDM, but we encountered this error when attempted to Mask/Subset in flight from the source while executing the export batch file. 


More context:  We were attempting to use Transformational Maps to mask and subset in flight from a source.  We used the Windows DataPump Masked Export utility from GTSubset.  Here is a screen shot of the error when we were attempting run the export batch script.

What these errors mean is that there is a GTPUMP directory at the source that didn't allow this user to write to it.  In order to solve the problem, we had to get our DBAs involved to open up the permissions on the GTPUMP directory at the source.

The parameters

for the exportdp.bat file is

Username  password GTPUMP
(directory name)


Hope this helps.