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Alerts re-appearing in CA UIM 8.31

Question asked by prisca on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by Gene_Howard

Good day,


We are encountering an issue with CA UIM 8.31 nas alerts whereby after acknowledging an alert, it re-appears with current timestamps even though the metric associated with the alert clearly indicates that the system is up and running.


At first we thought it was the probe. We encountered it in websphere_mq which initially reported that the multi-instance QM was down; in this case we disabled all alerts in the probe, acknowledged the alarm, and it came back with a critical alarm saying it is back up - so we are not even sure why a positive status would even have an alarm if the system is up and no alarms have been configured as active. 


We have encountered a similar situation in sqlserver probe which kept on reporting that the status of the database is down, even though the metrics clearly indicate it was up the whole time during the period specified in the alert itself.


This all results in many alerts emailed which is not the objective. Does the problem lie in the nas probe or the individual probes where the alarms are configured (or not configured in the case of websphere_mq)? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.