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List_WFTPL mod for admin menu?

Question asked by Brett_Zipkin on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by Brett_Zipkin

I was attempting to make a few tweaks to the list_wftpl.htmpl file so that I could add it as a resource in the admin view.  The main reason is for requests like "Please change all tasks assigned to XYZ to ABC"  which can span multiple categories.  I know how to do it with pdm_extract and pdm_userload updates but I was hoping to make it easier for me and definitely for my junior admin that I haven't taught that method to.


At first didn't seem like a big deal. 

  • Made the resource and added it to the Admin Menu
    • That worked.
  • On the sfStart command I changed button=false  to create=false   so I could get the search buttons but still maintain the OOTB methods for adding new tasks. 
    • That worked.
  • I added a few search fields for filtering (Group, Assignee, Active/Inactive, Task Type). 
    • That partly worked.  They functioned fine but the field headers didn't list above the editable fields as expected.  All the headers were side by side followed by all the interactive fields.  Not very user friendly.
  • I attempted to add a column for the category name.
    • That didn't work because I realized that the object_attrval field is not an SREL to the chgcat table so I couldn't dot walk to the Symbol.


Has anyone else tried this?

Any idea why sfDropdown and sfTextbox macros don't display normally on this htmpl?

Any idea how to add the category name to the list view without the SREL relationship?  I'm not looking to add custom fields to the DB just to make this work.  But something sly would be considered