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${gel_objectInstanceId} not getting Object ID

Question asked by e_martin on May 26, 2016
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I'm trying to write a Gel script within an Object based process, it needs to get the ID of the object it's running through to pass information to a SQL query to perform the next action. However, when I use ${gel_objectInstanceId} it's pulling back the 5 million number from a dynamic lookup used in an attribute on the object, not the ID or primary key of the object.


What I'm trying to accomplish is triggering a process one object down. I'm starting in a child object from Project, then there's a child of my primary object that I want to run a process on each of the instances below it.


Using the advice from CA PPM Tuesday Tip:  How To Launch a Process from a Gel Script


The SQL Query I'm using is:


   WHERE ODF_PARENT_ID = ${gel_objectInstanceId}


However, like I said, when I log it out to see why it's not working, my SQL isn't getting a result because it's returning the wrong 5 million number, if I'm starting the process from the object I want the ${gel_objectInstanceId} I should be getting the ID from that Object right? Why isn't this working, it appears to be my coding, as there's other processes that run at that same level with the same parameter and it is returning the correct ID.