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CA PPM Multicast issue

Question asked by kanbh02 Employee on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by kanbh02

CA PPM Version :- 14.3

Patch :- 4


We are seeing issues with CA PPM multicast address. The addresses work fine during the initial configuration and over a period of time the CA PPM beacon services stop communication with each other.


This issue occurred out of the blue when we were saving changes in nsa. The servers section started showing multiple instances of the same server. We restarted the beacon on that server and it stopped being detected by the NSA.


We approached network team about this issue and they concluded that the Multicast is unique for the servers and is not being used by any other servers.


For Diagnostics we did the below :-

1.) opened the tower application on each server (admin tower)

2.) started trace using trace on. Observation :- Trace on is only receiving messages from the server on which the tower trace on command is being run on.

3.) Ran trace which sends messages in the multicast channel. Observation :- Messages are being visible on other servers as well.

4.) Verified NSA Configuration and bind address is set to the IP addresses of all the members in the cluster separated by a ',' .



Any help is appreciated.