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Jaspersoft Installation message

Question asked by Danyel on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by urmas

Hi everybody, good afternoon =).


I'm having some troubles at installing Jaspersoft into environment I have mounted =S, because when trying follow steps of Clarity Installation Guide, at executing instruction 'install.bat', this one throws next message: 'echo off "please set valid JRE_HOME"', but I don't know is showing this error, because I have set 'JAVA_HOME' variable and also on 'Path' is set '%JAVA_HOME%\bin. Java version I have installed is 1.8.0_60; I found java installer into Clarity media installation on 'Java' folder, subfolder 'Windows'. I attach some screenshots describing this situation


Could you someone of you what problem is ocurring with Jaspersoft installation, please???