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pdm_publish dropped z tables and recreated them

Question asked by AndreaInNZ on Jun 2, 2016
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We added a column to an existing zTable. We added it via Web Screen Painter, clicked "Save and Publish", stop CASD services and ran pdm_publish. We encountered the Microsoft SQL 650 error "ERROR 650 [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] [ SQL Code=650 SQL State=42000] You can only specify the READPAST lock in the READ COMMITTED

REPEATABLE READ isolation levels." because SQL replication between the R12 DB instances was not removed.


To rollback our changes to Web Screen Painter, we followed the instructions from this CA article:

Implementation Guide Release 12.7.00


Everything seemed to be ok.


Fast foward one week, we removed replication  and then tried again to add the column to the existing zTable. This time, pdm_publish dropped and recreated all the z tables!!!


Was it our rollback (following the instructions in the link above) that caused pdm_publish to drop the z tables? I read another article ( which suggests that there were other files that should have been rolled back, not just wsp_schema.sch and wsp.mods. Would that have caused pdm_publish to drop all the z tables?


We are in big trouble because we do not know what caused pdm_publish to do such a terrible thing, and if we try again, even if we do roll back the other files, there is no guarantee that this problem won't happen again. pdm_publish is such a black box we can't even attempt to work out for ourselves why pdm_publish thinks that it has to recreate the z tables.


How does pdm_publish work out what tables it needs to create?


I asked my colleagues and someone had the same problem when running pdm_publish after migrating their database as part of the CASD upgrade from 12 to 14. Could it be a database problem?


Any help would be much appreciated and some documentation around how pdm_publish works.