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CA API Gateway Sizing

Question asked by karra03 on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by hargo01
Currently working for a prospect on Layer 7, where the client has 2 node cluster Virtual Appliances (MAG 2.3) in Production & DR.
The client would like to have an assessment whether the existing infrastructure would suffice their future needs as well.

Here are some metrics captured with respect to Layer 7 and the messages:
# Allocated RAM Size : 8 GB
# Allocated HDD : 50 GB
# Allocated MySQL DB Size : 20 GB out of 50 GB 
# Actual Message Size:  less than 1 KB
# Expected Message Size : 5 KB - 10KB
# Actual TPS : 2000 Requests/sec
# Expected TPS:  2 or 3 times the actual
# Leveraging oAuth (AuthCode, implicit) : Yes
# Open ID : May be. 
# Mobile APIs - Nothing yet, but it is expected in future.

Do we have any standards to perform the sizing and also let me know what are the other attributes to consider.
If there is any standard document to handle these kind of requests, kindly share the document.