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Job Running Longer After Agent Upgrade & Changing .bat to .exe

Question asked by broest on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by broest

I have a job running using CA ESP Workload Automation.  A few weeks ago, we did an agent upgrade.  Prior to the upgrade the job ran a .bat file located on server --- E:\ABC\Server\Bat\DEF.bat.keyed on the CMDNAME line.  With the upgrade, the Programmer had the .bat changed to an .exe ---- C\Windows\System32\cmd.exe and added an ARGS statement - ie  C:\Readafile\readafile.exe.  Now, the job seems to be taking longer to close the file so we added a Relelay 1 to the successor job located in a different appl.  The successor job is still taking off too soon - before the file has been closed.  I changed the Reldelay from 1 to 7 and we're waiting to see how this works.


Does anyone know if the type of executable being used can cause a slowdown in the file closing after the job completes?  We had no issues with this prior to the agent upgrade and I'm being asked why there is a problem now.


Any insights or opinions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!