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I am planning for an end to end testing through devtest 8.4 testcase. Need ideas in the logic design. PFB the details

Question asked by Mohan4DLG on Jun 3, 2016

GUI parts are automated using selenium and then we have a DB check step. Then we have normal webservice executions and assertions to end the testcase. Please let me know the best approach. I have some 2 approaches in my mind.


Approach 1: Dividing the scenario into two test cases.

                        TC1: Selenium Part

                         TC2: Check the DB for the status and then proceed with the other steps. (Checking the DB will be in loop for some specified time).

                             Create two separate mar files and then run the testcases parallely.


Approach2: Make the steps sequential. ( Like, Selenium part in one step and then others proceed).The concern in this approach I have is the gui part of the testcase will be waiting till the other phase gets completed.


Can someone help me in suggesting the optimistic approach.