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CA PPM SaaS 14.2 Corrupt Report

Question asked by JMSnider on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by Nika_Hadzhikidi

In Advanced Reporting, I have a scheduled report. It runs once a week and fetches some timesheet data. I would call it a simple report: resource name, manager name, hours worked, MONTH-1 date and filtered for a specific set of tasks. When run immediately, it runs fine and can be exported to XLSX without incident. I have the report running at 1 AM and it is to email the report to myself and my boss. Last week, then the report ran, the file that was emailed was corrupt. I manually ran the report and it was fine. Assuming a possible problem with the schedule, I deleted and recreated the schedule. This morning I arrived to discover the file is still corrupt. When I attempt to open the file, I am first presented with this message.

I click "Yes" and then I am presented with this message.

Again, I ran the report manually and it is fine.


Has anyone else run into this? Should I open a ticket? Other scheduled reports are running/emailing fine.


Thanks, Joanne