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CA Process Automation Tech Tip by Scott Owens, Senior Support Engineer for 06/09/2016.

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TEC1627635PUBLISHEDACTIVEInstalling the latest critical patches for Java on the machines  where CA Process Automation Orchestrator, or agent is installed.
TEC1562843PUBLISHEDACTIVEHow to resolve "Error 1010" being returned by Service Desk web Service Call when Service Desk is behind a Load Balancer.
TEC1843956PUBLISHEDACTIVEHow do I upgrade or change the Java JDK being used by Process Automation.
TEC1870394PUBLISHEDACTIVEHow to connect to Database operator to PostgresSQL DB
TEC1881044PUBLISHEDACTIVEHow do I change label options at the process level.
TEC1768263PUBLISHEDACTIVEUsing the PAM SOAP operator when a proxy server is in use.
TEC1981573PUBLISHEDACTIVECan not delete a running process instance in PAM.