Anyone succefully used a shadow-databse to reduce overhead for alarm_enrichment?

Discussion created by alberto.h.r on Jun 10, 2016



As title says, I was hoping to see if anyone has previously created a shadow database (local to primary) to help alleviate the immense overhead we sometimes see from alarm_enrichment. We essentially had to turn off alarm_enrichment since it consumed so many resources and clogged our queues and general applications (not to mention the dozens of database queries/transactions). I don't mean "shadow tables" that reside in live database, but a separate instance that uses read-only to view data that is periodically updated with the production DB.


Unfortunately it seems MySql does not have a native option to replicate your production database locally (Oracle does). Besides this option below, I am unsure on how to go about it since MongoDB's are not technically supported and I have concern it will work with our intentions. GitHub - perak/mysql-shadow: Meteor package that allows you to clone MySQL database into Mongo and auto replicate collec…


Has anyone successfully incorporated shadow database for the means of alarm enriching? Are there any obstacles or concerns to be aware of?


Your input is greatly appreciated!!