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Permissions on Specific Request Areas

Question asked by j.barger on Jun 10, 2016
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Forewarning: I'm still fairly new to CA SDM, forgive me if I'm asking something that is fairly simple here.

I have a situation where we are looking to limit access for Specific Request areas in Service Desk. Reason being is these request areas have a PAM work flow assigned to them and require a specific chain of events to happen through PAM. This all goes swimmingly for our users at the employee level. Here's the rub: Since the analysts have a whole other interface to interact with the Request Areas and can possibly do an end run around our PAM process we would prefer to eliminate access for analysts to access this request area altogether thus forcing them to use the employee level to make submissions to this area. I started poking around in the security and roles interface in PAM but quickly found my self at a loss to how to even approach this.


So in a nutshell:


Specific Request Area
Analyst No access


Many Thanks!


Joel Barger

Developer | AES-PHEAA