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Login page still loading for user - cannot login

Question asked by matej256 on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by matej256

Hi All,


I've some interesting issue with one user - he can fill his credentials to login page, but after click on login, the page is still loading with no end. I've tried with myself, set my pwd for him - with the same behaviour. I've checked his user in Clarity, looks fine, then in DB user tables, looks fine. Checked logs and found this, which I think is a cause:



So when user tried to login stored proc. "CMN_SESSIONS_INS_ID_SP2" is called. I've found it's called from "niku/clarity/META-INF/security/pmd/securityPMD.xml" file.



According to error message it says it couldn't be executed well because params are userID = -99 (assume wrong or missing) and UserName is "null". One of these params should be correctly passed...


Now the question, do you someone knows from where these params are coming?


Note1: I've tried flush all caches...

Note2: I've checked cmn_sessions table, user is not there

Note3: Currently facing only to one user...


Thanks for your inputs.