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Problem in Integrating API Portal with API Gateway

Question asked by Mathanprasath on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by geraldvineyard

Hi there!

I'm following the steps to Integrate API Portal(V3.5) with API Gateway(V9.0). In one of the steps, after logging into API Portal htpp://, now under Aministration Tools I have clicked "Pluin Administration" and then clicked "Layer 7 Gateway". Now in the Plugin page of "Layer 7 Gateway" under the section "Sync SSG Data" after clicking buttons Sync API Plans and Sync API Keys I' m getting error as follows

API Plans: <Failure message="Unable to process response" code="500"/>

API Keys: <Failure message="Unable to process response" code="500"/>

Because of these failures I'm unable to see the Developed API's in API Portal.


Appreciate your quick help on this.


Many thanks



Mathanprasath K