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REST call with dynamic URL

Question asked by FredrikCronholm77140603 on Jun 12, 2016
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For a test that I'm developing uing DevTest 91: I have a situation where the first thing I do is that I create something in SUT (I send in key1) and that will give me a response(salesID). Based on that response I later (not just after) need  to make another  REST call bases on the return value. I have inserted a JSR-223 script that builds a hash  = saleryMap[key1,salesID].

I would then like to make a REST call like:

api/v1/salesopportunity/{{salaryMap[1004]}}/offer that I hoped would work. Instead I get "ERROR - Could not evaluate expression '=salaryMap[1004]'"

I'm not at all used to working in workstation (nor DevTest), is there perhaps something I need to do to "export" my hasmap from the JSR-223 step so all consequent steps is aware of the map??


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