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Does anyone know how to XOG Projects with ProjectID autonumbered? Clarity 14.3

Question asked by eVBI on Jun 14, 2016
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I'm trying to XOG a load of projects on Clarity version 14.3 with ProjectID as autonumber,

I tryed in the header overrideAutoNumbering="false" and overrideAutoNumbering="0"

also between the <args> tag and projectID="-1" (this will create a project with id -1)

All fail.


I get the error message:



        <Description>[Error] :0:0: unexpected attribute "overrideAutoNumbering"

  Invalid attribute in input document. Please remove all instances of attribute from document elements and try again.

  [Element : Header, Attribute : overrideAutoNumbering ].

[Error] :0:0: element "Project" is missing "projectID" attribute


Anyone know the quick answer?


kind regards,






Generate the ProjectID in the same manner as you defined the Auto number. Make sure you start the first project ID a couple of numbers higher, then the last available.

Start xogging in.

When the autonumber reaches the same number it will take the next number which is free and skips all the xogged in ID's.

So nothing goes wrong.


Tested on Clarity 14.3